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 Nothing fills my cup more than knowing that I have made a couple's day the best it could be. I live for the feeling that I did everything to make their day perfect.  Part of that means giving them the best images I can, and telling their story in a way that holds up for generations. The other part means tying the bride's bustle when she needs help, organizing family dynamics, and keeping things together when the unexpected happens. It's my experience from over 200 weddings. And it's why I absolutely love what I do.


experience matters

- kate

I'm a believer that life should be fun, and that's how I approach weddings as well. I've been shooting weddings for over a decade, and you only do something that long if you really love what you're doing. And I really love weddings. The excitement, the anticipation, the nerves, the smiles, the (happy) tears, the dancing, the family - all of it. I find so much joy in sharing moments with couples, and using my experience with weddings to make their day the absolute best possible. 


experience matters

- dawn

• Saturday morning sprinkle donuts  
• Family time   
• Fresh flowers   
• Sweet red wine   
• Rainy days (made for cuddling)   
• Traveling the world   
• A good cup of coffee   
• Singing way too loud in my car 
• Long chats with good friends
• "Friends" - Joey cracks me up

kate's favorites

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• Chilled white wine
• Nights in the mountains  
• Tacos   
• Cuddling with my dogs   
• Antique cameras  
• Teaching
• Coffee 
• Swimming in wave pools
• Camping and being outdoors
• "Friends" - except I'm a Chandler fan

dawn's favorites

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We treat you like family. And we are all about the love. 

our philosophy

Authentic storytelling comes with a natural  experience. 

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