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bump day – week 28 | colorado wedding photographer

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5 years ago, jack nicholson and morgan freeman put their manly selves together and started a trend with their movie…the bucket list. it was one of those things that to some degree, everyone had. some people wrote them out and made them official, but even those of us who didn’t put it in writing, we all thought about it. it was just a pop culture thing. it was the big question – what do you want to do in your life?

every now and then, i think about my own, and the things on it –
ride an elephant. fly in a hot air balloon. volunteer on a regular basis. learn to make one great-crazy-delicious meal. . .
it goes on. but you get my drift.

(image source – – i wish i had my own elephant picture, but not quite yet! )

what i never thought about was how my list would change when i have a baby. sure, i knew things would change – everyone knows that. but now, i think of the things i want to experience with the little lyon, in addition to riding an elephant someday ๐Ÿ™‚ so now i have my bucket list – version 2.0 – the katie-nate-little lyon bucket list with things like:

pull him down the street in a little red wagon. watch his first t-ball game. laugh when i come home to see nate and him glued to some sort of sports game on tv. teach him that girls don’t in fact have coodies (although there’s no harm in letting him believe they do for awhile, right?). watch him drive away the first day he has a license (how is it that i’m already terrified of that day?). see him off to prom.

and dance with him at his wedding.

i’ve watched literally hundreds of grooms dance with their moms on their wedding day. it’s sweet and adorable and sentimental every time i see it. but somehow, with my little guy tagging along with me at all my weddings this year – it’s different to watch them dance.

(charlie and his mom had one of the sweetest relationships i’ve ever seen. i’d be lying if i said i didn’t get a little emotional watching them take their turn on the dance floor.)

little things like this make me that much more excited to meet our little guy, watch him grow up, and see him take his own steps in life. maybe he’ll want to ride an elephant with me someday;)



how far along? 28 weeks.
maternity clothes? yes, but trying to incorporate as many of my pre-pregnancy clothes as possible. my itty bitty wardrobe was getting pretty annoying.
stretch marks? still nope โ€“ knock on wood.
sleep? some nights are better than others, but my body really has adjusted to waking up every few hours. guess it’s all in the preparation ๐Ÿ™‚
best moment of the week? seeing the little guy on ultrasound, even if it was quick and he was hiding his face the whole time!
movement? tons. i can even tell where he’s at based on kicks!
symptoms: just the back pain. but, i’m getting used to that, too.
milestones: first week of the third trimester, check!
miss anything? mojitos. i saw a picture of one today in an ad and almost started drooling. i mean, it’s 100 degrees outside – who doesn’t want a cold cocktail?
food cravings: ice cream!!! the inventor of the klondike bar is a genius. total. genius.
belly button in or out? out. and now impossible to disguise with shirts.
wedding rings on or off? on! iโ€™m still shocked my fingers havenโ€™t swollen yet.
looking forward to: piecing together more of the nursery.

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  1. Cathy Marie says:

    The first day he gets his drivers license he might be like his mama and “offer” to go to the store to get you a soda (even though the fridge may be full). You will pretend that this is a WONDERFUL idea and then you will be on pins and needles until he gets home. I was. <3

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