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bump day – week 35 | colorado wedding photographer

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well, the checklists and books are all telling me it’s time. any minute now, it wouldn’t be out of the question for me to go into labor. technically i’m not due for another 5 weeks, but nate and i are planners. like compulsive planners. we like lists – lots of ’em. we’re pretty much total dorks. but hey, it works.

so now that it’s officially time to pack the hospital bag in preparation for the big day, we did what we always do, and made a list. while i won’t bore you with the whole thing, here are the highlights:

pain “killers” – no, i’m not bringing my own supply of medication to the hospital…i’m actually going to give the whole natural-birth thing a whirl, and do everything in my power to not have an epidural – which means i’m going to need a little bit of extra help.

smelly lotions – for nate to use as he will inevitably be rubbing my back for hours – check.

dryer ball – i’m counting on this for a little tension relief, or a good massage tool! – check.

ipod player – let’s face it, this whole labor thing, it can take awhile. some music can’t hurt 😉 – check.

baby goods

-super adorable outfit and hat to bring little lyon home in – check. ok, well not check. we can’t pick. and i know, i know, they’re only in it for a few hours and it doesn’t really matter, but i just can’t pick. so this one’s a to-be-decided 🙂

-homemade blanket – check.

we have all the standard stuff packed, too – but that’s way too boring to list out! i won’t forget my toothbrush, though, don’t worry! 🙂

so now, it’s all a waiting game! {insert slight panic attack here…}

ooooh, and if you’re a mom and have some tips on what to bring or not bring to the hospital, i’d love to hear some advice!


how far along? 35 weeks.
maternity clothes? yep. all about ’em.
sleep? is still a distant thing of the past. not sleeping on my back means hip and back aches like bananas in the middle of the night.
best moment of the week? watching nate finish little lyon’s mural in his room – pics coming soon!
movement? oh ya, and his feet/legs have found a new home right on top of my ribs. not appreciated, little man, not appreciated.
symptoms: same ‘ol story with the back pain. otherwise, just feeling large and squished!
milestones: packing the hospital bag! holy smokes…this is actually going to happen!
miss anything? bending at the waist 😉
food cravings: nothing too crazy!
belly button in or out? out, but getting flatter now that it’s pushed even further – so bizarre!
wedding rings on or off? still on.
looking forward to: my baby shower this saturday!

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  1. Karen L. Bonner says:

    Plans are great; having plans change 180 degrees in a blink of an eye…priceless! Good luck with your birthing plan! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Get as much sleep in the hospital as you can!

  3. Dianna Rucker says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you name him! and photos of course. Did you pack a robe? So you don’t have to wear the one the hospital provides…

  4. Alyssa Dirschl says:

    Bring and extra baby blanket in case something happens to the first one (like poop :). Bring your baby book and ask them to do the prints for you when they do them at the delivery (it’s impossible to do on your own and they do it in 2 seconds). And YES, let them take him to the nursery, it’s so hard to do but you don’t need to start your home life totally sleep deprived 🙂 you’ll be there soon enough.

  5. Leighanne Potts says:

    You’re going to be so awesome! And he will be just adorable 🙂

  6. Kelly Haskell says:

    Let the baby go to the nursery at night in the hospital. Take the sleep while you can. Best advice someone gave me.

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