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The phone rang. She excused herself around the corner of a building in downtown Denver, then mid-conversation with her doctor, she emerged to look at me and shake her head. Moments later, she walked to me, head hanging, eyes hollow. She collapsed into my arms. I felt her body weaken instantly as I held her up […]

a little over two weeks ago, my life changed forever. my little lyon, emmett, was born. being a new mom is nothing shy of, well, perfect. when i first started my bump day blog posts, i wrote them so i’d have a record of my pregnancy, and so my friends and family from afar could […]

well, it’s not really bump day anymore. . . emmett richard lyon arrived on september 29, 7:03 pm, weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and 19.5 inches long. more details on his arrival (and obviously more photos) to come soon, but for now, meet our little lyon 🙂 we’re in heaven.

the other day, i saw a photo of myself mid-pregnancy. i remember feeling so big, and now i look back and think i look so itty-bitty. little lyon could be coming any day now. any day could be my last day with him in my belly, which means any day could be the biggest i […]

37 weeks – full term! he’s ready, and so is the nursery! he can officially arrive at any time and have somewhere to sleep, get changed, and even cry his little lyon heart out (but our baby will never cry, right? 😉 ) our third bedroom had been untouched since we moved into our house […]

this past saturday, i was blown away. absolutely, fall-off-my-chair blown away. the baby shower that my closest friends and family threw for me was beyond anything i could have ever dreamed. really. beyond. it wasn’t just the decorations, and the food, and the gifts, and the games – although those were all far more fabulous […]

well, the checklists and books are all telling me it’s time. any minute now, it wouldn’t be out of the question for me to go into labor. technically i’m not due for another 5 weeks, but nate and i are planners. like compulsive planners. we like lists – lots of ’em. we’re pretty much total […]

all of a sudden, it’s close. i have 6 weeks to go until i’m ripe at 40 weeks and at my due date. 5 1/2 weeks, really. 39 more days. i’m kind of speechless…cuz, ya know, 39 days is like….nothin’. the closer i get to meeting the little lyon, the more my mind wanders. what’s […]

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