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Mark + Nic | +Plus Modern Skin | Colorado photographer

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Mark and Nic are two of those people. You know, those people that dream…And then turn the dreams into reality.

10 years ago, Nic’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, and she didn’t take it lightly. She wanted to know why. Yes, we live in a world with all sorts of un-natural things – from the pesticides on food, to pollution outside, and even to what we put on our skin. That’s where Nic’s mom, Ann, made a discovery. The skincare products she had been using for years had known cancer-causing chemicals in them. Something had to change. . .

Nic and his mom dreamed up +Plus Modern Skin based on her story, and the frustration with the limited availability of pure, natural skin care products – And then they made it a reality.

Taking such a negative situation and turning it into a life-long opportunity isn’t something most people have it in them to do. It takes serious guts to start from the ground up, with nothing to pad you if you fall. And it takes passion – which Mark and Nic have plenty of.

I’m proud to call myself a friend of both Mark and Nic, and to be one of their many cheerleaders as they introduce their products to the world. Check out their website, blog, or be the first to order their products and support their capital-raise by purchasing items on indiegogo.

To celebrate the launch of their business, and because photos with people in love are just plain fun, we spent an afternoon in Downtown Denver for a photo session with Nic and Mark!

Yes, they really are that adorable.

My favorite way to find amazing locations is to wander – just plain wander around. It pays off, especially when you find fun walls like this one, on a random street downtown.

Absolute favorite.

Let this proof as evidence that I’m funny. I swear! 🙂 Or maybe I’m just really, really good at making fun of myself…but hey, it gets a giggle – and how stinking cute is this series?

You know two people are meant for each other when all it takes is for one of them to look at the other one, and BAM – instant grin.


It seriously makes me sick how cute they are together.


Mark and Nic – thank you so much for trusting me to capture the start of your business! I have nothing but complete faith in you both and know that +plus will be a total hit!

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  1. Justin Sandoval-Gillespie says:

    I love these pictures. Please contact me would like to get a quote for my partner and I… Thanks

  2. Scott Leggett says:

    Just saw these this morning, wow. Beautiful and very creative. Thanks for the +plus plug too!

  3. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Really cute pictures!

  4. Ann Alexander Leggett says:

    Kate…love the photos. And thanks for your kind words about me, about +plus, and of both Nic and Mark. I appreciate your support of a very long, difficult journey…with what is now a very happy ending. Ann

  5. Sarah Bauer says:

    Love it! So cute!

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