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Ashli + Aaron | Breckenridge Wedding Photographer

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Ashli has been one of my best friend since our good ol days in the “Big Yellow House” we lived in together during college. Nights watching the O.C. together, cramming for tests, and non-stop laughter. It was hilarious, and a complete blast, all the time. Now, we’re all grown up, and my Ashli is an RN and getting married to her long-time guy, Aaron. Ash, I couldn’t be happier for you and can’t wait to be a bridesmaid on your big day! Here are some of my favorites 🙂

Yep, Ash, you’re hot. 🙂 Smmmookin.

My personal mission of the day was to get Aaron (Mr. I Hate Getting My Photo Taken and Can’t Smile For The Life of Me) to smile, naturally. Mission accomplished.

I love sneaking in these shots that couples have no idea I’m taking. It’s like I’m 007.


Eeeep – love it 🙂

Ash is a country girl – like a cowboy-boot, white-cupboard, Miranda-Lambert, country girl. It’s pretty adorable. Her wedding will be a country theme in Breck, so we figured some country props would be more than appropriate!

Such a cute idea Ashli found on Pinterest! (I LOVE it when brides have ideas and inspirations for shoots! I mean, it’s not just about what I like, they’re your photos!!)

Talk about timing our shoot well – gotta love that sun! Oh, and FAVORITE!

I don’t care if it’s “wrong”. I. Love. Lens. Flare.

I can’t decide – black and white? or color?

You have no idea how nervous I was that this ring was going to become the needle in the haystack….

Sha-bling, baby!

Hehe, so cute 🙂

The is the spicy Ashli that I know all so well – just a bit of attitude!

This horse came out of nowhere to join us for our session and do some posing! This could be the funniest “series” I’ve ever done. Seriously makes me giggle. I kind of want to print it HUGE and hang it in my living room – just to see what kind of looks I get 🙂

I think he liked my new perfume.

Ashli might kill me for posting this one, but it’s just too funny to pass up.

That’s better!

A little note to how they met 🙂


Love you Ashli, can’t wait for the big day!! 🙂


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