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Emily + Jake | Denver Maternity Photographer

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I read somewhere that only 1-2% of high school sweethearts get married. Only 1-2%!! Well, Jake and Emily are part of that lucky little group of people that get to call their first love, perhaps even their first crush – the one they went to Prom with and stared at through the busy high school hallways – their partner for life. They’re just as in love (if not more) as they were when I went to high school with them years ago. And now, they’ve brought an adorable little boy, Jax, into this world. It’s the fairy tale. Jake and Emily – you two are such a joy to be around and are going to be such wonderful parents for your “little man”. Congrats 🙂

I just love that “Maternity pictures” don’t have to be stuffy or posed anymore. Who says urban can’t say super-cute-mom-to-be? In heels, none the less!! Uh, hello, if you are 9 months pregnant and still rocking 4 inch heels, you are not the one for stuffy pictures 🙂

LOVE that texture 🙂

So. Stinking. Cute.

Favorite 🙂 Colorado, I love you!

The shoes – they’re just soooo little!!!!

Disclaimer: No photoshopping on the belly here – Not one stretch mark, not one blemish – Emily, you were quite the gorgeous pregnant lady!

Eeeeeep….so cute. Love it.

Congratulations again, Jake and Emily. Your baby boy is in for a lifetime of happiness with you two in his life!

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  1. Emily says:

    Kate, I can’t thank you enough for these wonderful pictures! I will cherish them forever 🙂 Now that Jax is here, I look back at these pictures and my heart melts. I miss my belly but thanks to these pictures I will never forget it! I can’t wait to share these pictures with Jax as he grows.

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