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Jenny + Travis | Colorado Wedding Photographer

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This engagement session was extra special for me because I got the opportunity to photograph two great friends (who happen to be madly in love). I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding in just a couple of months! This was a great preview to their wedding day – it’s going to be fantastic.

Um, ya, HELLO GORGEOUS RING!!! Travis, you did awesome! 😉

So stinkin’ cute!

This is the Jenny and Travis I know. 🙂

Some of my favorite engagement shots actually end up having no faces in them at all. I love this one.

This one takes the prize for my favorite shot of Travis. Especially because Jenny has no idea he’s glancing at the camera. But even though he’s looking at the camera, it’s so obvious he’s only thinking about her.

Congrats Jenny and Travis!!! The wedding is going to be amazing!!!!

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  1. Mom Carol says:

    These pictures are terrific! Thank you, Katie, for so beautifully capturing the love. We are so blessed and can’t wait for the big day! P.S. Your favorite pic is also mine :).

  2. Aunt Rose says:

    Rosie & Travis, what beautiful pictures. I can’t wait.

  3. Aunt Carm says:

    No doubt they are in love and you captured it beautifully.

  4. Aunt Carm says:

    No doubt they are in love and it was captured in every picture. Beautiful!

  5. Cousin Joanna J. says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos – can’t even imagine what the two of you will look like all gussied up!

  6. Ann says:

    These pictures are so beautiful, and capture well Jenny and Travis’ personalities!

  7. Jenny says:

    Oh my goodness Katie!!! You are amazing! I love the pictures! Love Them! I can’t wait for you to do our wedding! Only 44 days away!!!!!

  8. Michelle Forney says:

    These photos are gorgeous and they look so incredibly happy. Congratulations

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