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Mikayla + Caleb

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Spring feels like it’s finally here, which means it’s time for some engagement sessions!

Saturday I met Caleb and Mikayla at the Oval on the CSU campus. I’m SO glad they made the drive all the way from Denver because the colors in the park were really popping! These two were just great.

As our session got underway the couple admitted to me that Caleb wasn’t too pumped about his upcoming time in front of the lens. Getting his photo taken wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time. But from my perspective on the other side of the camera, the more photos I took the more Caleb seemed to enjoy himself. As the session winded down Caleb admitted to me that while he had been unexcited (to say the least) about getting his photos taken on the couple’s big day, after the engagement session he was now looking forward to them. That’s music to my ears and pretty much what I live to hear πŸ™‚ As you can hopefully see below, this couple is very in love and it shines through in their photos.

I don’t think Mikayla knew I could see her face in this shot, but every time she even got close to Caleb, her face just lit up.

I love it when couples are willing to try anything! These two didn’t bat an eye when I looked at them and said, “Ok, now lay on the grass and squish your heads together!”

So cute!

Congratulations you two! Can’t wait for your August wedding!

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  1. Steve says:

    Awesome dude! I am excited for you guys!!!

  2. Tina and Olivia Garrity says:

    The really special thing I notice about these pictures is that they are SO natural! They just make me feel comfortable. Could be located in a magazine advertising some kind of natural product. Good job!!

  3. Amber Coleman says:

    These pictures are great! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!

  4. Gerald Groth says:

    Nice pictures!

  5. Evie Crocfer says:

    The pictures were beautiful. The sweetness and love was captured perfectly. What a wonderful couple you make. Congradulations, and God Bles You!

    Evie Crocfer

  6. Jim Lase says:

    UGH, Me Like. Camera still in one piece? HA HA Really great pictures. (Caleb, still time to run as fast as you can).

  7. Mark Ladwig says:

    You guys look great, and very happy together. Great pics!

  8. James Patteson says:

    Really great pictures. These pro photographers sure know their stuff, and Kate Marie looks to be one of the best. I think she must have a better camera than mine. or could it be she just knows how, more so than the rest of us. You guys look fabulous and you should treasure these pictures forever. Looking forward to the magic date!!!

  9. Bruce says:

    Awesome dude! I am excited for you guys!!!

  10. Brittany Edwards says:

    OMG!!! You two look so amazing πŸ™‚ Caleb…you look so charming. Mikayla you look GORGEOUS!! Wow, congrats you two. You are almost there. Go Katie…you did magic once again!

  11. Millie Patterson says:

    Wow, the pictures are GREAT. I love # 2 & # 4. It is special to see you two together like that because at the store, you have always been so professional. The pictures are just wonderful. I’m looking forward to playing for your wedding. You are such a perfect couple and I love you both. It has been a joy watching you both grow up into such wonderful adults.
    Auntie Millie

  12. Brittany says:

    Great Pictures Katie!

  13. kyle says:

    Awesome dude! I am excited for you guys!!!

  14. E says:

    Long time no see, but these look great! (Wanted to help you get to 50 πŸ™‚

  15. Scott Sickler says:

    Looks great! Congrats you too

  16. Rachel Oglesby says:

    WOW!! These are great! I especially love the one on the grass, it looks like one of my engagement pictures. Y’all are too cute

  17. Katie Childs says:

    The pictures look great!!!

  18. Sharrell Norcross says:

    10 weeks is going to be a long time to be apart. These wonderful pictures will help. Love you guys!

  19. Greg Norcross says:

    You two look great together-can’t wait for the big day!

  20. Ben says:

    The pictures are great and it looks like you really enjoyed the process! August isn’t too far away!

  21. Kim says:

    these pics are amazing!

  22. Teresa Ladwig says:

    These pictures are beautiful treasures to cherish forever! My favorite is the 2nd picture. Katie caught many special moments showing the love and admiration you have for one another. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to both of you!

  23. Jamie says:

    The pictures are really great. It looks like you had a lot of fun doing them. Congratulations to you both! All our love, Jamie & Doug.

  24. Erica says:


  25. Felecia says:

    Cute photos Caleb! Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€

  26. Brian Crocfer says:

    How exciting – I agree Kate Marie takes good pictures but it must be nice to work with a couple that makes the camera easy to shoot! You both look great and in love. The first and second pics are my favorites.

  27. Jeff Perrine says:

    Yall look so happy. Congrats! Great pictures.

  28. Nyssah Perrine says:

    WOW!!!! These are great! Yall look so happy. Mikayla you are so beautiful. I love the one with yall laying in the grass. What a cute idea.

  29. Jeff says:

    Cute pics kids!

  30. Ashley Wengrove says:

    These pictures are absolutly amazing! You two look great!

  31. WOW! Awesome pix!! You two make a beautiful couple… stay happy and focused! Congratulations to both of you, I wish Karen and I could make it, but it’s really tight right now… if things change I’ll let everyone know.

    Congratulations again and all the very best to you both.

    Doug and Karen Richardson

  32. Brittany Jeffrey says:

    Your pics are soo cute! I love the 1st one of you guys! But they all look Beautiful! Congrats Mikayla!

  33. Caleb says:

    Mikayla was sick the day we had these pictures taken. Katie did an incredible job, not only did the pictures turn out better than I could have imagined, I had a blast during the shoot. I can’t wait to see how the wedding pictures turn out!

  34. Melanie says:

    You guys look so great in these photos! Congratulations!

  35. Linda Ladwig says:

    I love the pictures. You guys look so happy and comfortable together! (I might be just a little biased) It seems like just last week Mikayla was starting kindergarten. I hope you have a long and happy marriage! (the second one is my favorite)

  36. Jessica Siani says:

    I love your pictures they look amazing!!! My favorite is the one of you guys nose to nose, soooo cute!

  37. Gregoire says:

    Je crois que vous Γͺtes en couple le plus mignon jamais.

  38. Matthew says:

    Congratz you two.. the pictures look great!

  39. Sharrell says:

    These pictures look wonderful! Thank you for sharing. My favorite is the one with the tulips, but the one with the toes is cute too.

  40. Greg says:

    Very cute pictures! You guys look so happy, congrats πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the wedding

  41. Ashley Bender says:

    Mikayla–You look so blissfully happy!! I am so excited for you. You look beautiful and props to the photographer. Hoping to see you in Aug!

  42. Kristel says:

    Mikayla – these pictures are just so so sooooo cute! You guys are adorable! We’re hoping to make it out for the wedding. Sending so much love to you both xoxox

  43. Evelyn says:

    The pictures are georgous! They really capture how happy you guys are!

  44. Phillip Hamilton says:

    These pictures are great. You both look very happy.

  45. Debbie Hamilton says:

    Wow, these are really awesome shots of you both. It makes me feel like I know Caleb even though I haven’t met him yet!
    My favorite is the second from the top, lots of personality. Can’t wait to see you both in August!! Love you!

  46. Michelle Norcross says:

    All of them are very lovely, my two favorite ones are the tulips one, and the one with the red tree behind you guys. You both look great, and I glad to call you my Aunt πŸ™‚

  47. Greg Norcross says:

    Wonderful pictures. Exciting to see as the day gets closer.

  48. Brian says:

    The pictures look great. You guys look great together, only a few more months left. Congratulations you too

  49. Tara O'Brien says:

    Aww these pictures are beautiful! I really like the second one from the top!

  50. Stephanie Sickler says:

    The pictures look absolutely amazing!!!! You really can see how in love the two of you are!!! I wish I could be there on your wedding day, we will be there in spirit!!! Congratulations you two!

  51. Jenee Brown says:

    Great pictures! Mikayla, my favorite is the fourth from the top (#6594), followed by the one with your heads in the grass (#5354).

  52. Meagan says:

    Mik-a-lay-la! You both look so good!! I like the laughing one! But they are all really cute, I’m so happy for you my best friend!

    PS I recgonize those earings πŸ˜‰

  53. Jeremy Norcross says:

    Fun, cute, and great quality!!!

  54. Mikayla says:

    KATIE!! These pictures are SO GREAT! Thank you so much for everything you did a fabulous job! Caleb and I can’t wait to see the rest of them πŸ™‚

  55. that picture of them lying down is my favorite!

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