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bump day – week 18 | colorado wedding photographer

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if the little lyon could hear me now, i’d tell it…

i hope you’re prepared to love sports, because you may not get much of an option with your dad and his sports-thusiasm. in the past few years, i’ve learned more about the nuggets, rockies, broncos, and other sports and teams than i could have ever dreamed.

you may get sloppy kisses from charli and luna, but they mean well, even if they’re complete slobs when it comes to showing their affection.

i sincerely apologize for taking your picture every day. really. i do.

i’ll probably dress you in some pretty ridiculous garb, too. again…sorry.

your great-grandma sent me a hand-made card today for mother’s (to be) day.
she’ll probably make them for you, too, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll keep every one of them.

i promise not to give you a name that people make wonky faces at.
i may joke about naming you rory lyon, harry lyon, dandi lyon, and simba lyon, but i swear, it’s only a joke.

that whole labor and delivery thing? ya..about that..feel free to help in any way with
just getting that over with as fast and as easily possible.

we’re far from perfect, but we’ll love you and help you to become the absolute best person you can be.
so when you get to be 16 and all hormonal, don’t hate on us too much.

and lastly…

little lyon can actually hear noises now, and is learning our voices more and more each day. so, listen up, little one! it’s also the size of a sweet potato – over 5.5 inches from head to bum! i’ll post a new bump photo next week, and more frequently starting next week as well! i’m finally having something that you can actually see, and next week, we should be in business!


how far along? 18 weeks
maternity clothes? somehow, i’m still making my normal clothes work. don’t ask how. it’s pretty pathetic.
weight gain? officially gaining, which sucks. even if it’s healthy, and natural, and part of pregnancy, seeing the number go up on the scale…sucks.
stretch marks? nope!
sleep? good!
best moment of the week? nate felt the baby move for the first time while we were on a surprise trip celebrating our anniversary 🙂 he or she kicked his hand with an aggressive kick that was like saying, “Hey! Dude! I’m over here!” so cute!
movement? it’s getting more and more frequent. especially after i eat!
gender? who knows! we’ll see in 2 weeks.
symptoms: headaches. blerg…
milestones: nate feeling the baby move!
emotions: nothing too crazy out of the ordinary this week.
miss anything? not this week.
food cravings: mac and cheese!
belly button in or out? in…but it’s looking suspicious.
wedding rings on or off? on
looking forward to: the next ultrasound!

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  1. Alan Lyon says:

    Joe would be so happy….. we are pretty excited about baby Lyon the trend has been the 1st one is always a girl. every one in the family has an older sister.

  2. Jennifer Lyon says:

    You guys are going to be awesome parents! Can’t wait to find out if Baby Lyon is a boy or a girl!

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