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bump day – week 17 | colorado wedding photographer

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these weeks are really starting to fly by! i didn’t even realize it was bump day until, oh, about 10 minutes ago. maybe it’s the spring weather, maybe it’s my excitement for wedding season to start, or maybe it’s just preggo brain.

while having the time flying by is great, the biggest thing on my mind right now (or maybe just my random thought for the week!) is that there just are so many decisions to make while you’re pregnant. it’s a lot. especially for me, as i’ve earned the “most indecisive person ever” award a loooooong time ago.

will we find out the gender?

what will we name the baby?

do we keep the name a secret?

how will we decorate the nursery?

cloth diapers? disposable diapers?

birth plans? epidurals?


you get the point.

i guess we’ll just have to see how everything pans out! until then, we’re digging through baby name books, taking all the advice we can get, and picking away at the many decisions ahead of us. good thing we still have 5 months left!

my only conclusion out of utter indecisiveness (yep, just made that a word!) is that they need to make magic 8 balls for pregnant women. i can see it now… millions if round-bellied women all over the globe asking their $10 decision maker what to name their baby. if only it were that easy!

if you’ve been through the pregnancy ringer before, how did you make all the decisions?

in other news, the baby is the size of an onion and is 5 inches from head to bum! ya, that’s a lot. ooh, and something big happened this week — details below in my weekly survey 🙂


how far along? 17 weeks
maternity clothes? nope. looking quite awkward in my normal clothes? yes.
weight gain? back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so i’ll call it even.
stretch marks? nope!
sleep? i have mastered the sleeping techniques..for now. sure, i may have 20 pillows of every shape and size by my side of the bed, but it works!
best moment of the week? one of my awesome brides and her mom sent me a congratulatory card in the mail. seriously, so sweet. i’m not kidding when i say my brides are the best.
movement? i felt the baby move!!! well, i think i felt the baby move. a few times. i’ll have to wait and see if that’s really what it was as they get more frequent!
gender? this week, i had a dream it was a girl, so now i’m back to just being confused, hehe.
symptoms: nada this week – hooray!
milestones: if it really was the baby i was feeling, i call that a milestone!
emotions: getting more and more impatient to find out the gender!
miss anything? still missing subway…oh subway…
food cravings: more mexican! perhaps we should give the baby a spanish middle name…
belly button in or out? in!
wedding rings on or off? on
looking forward to: a baby!

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  1. Katie Lyon says:

    Jack’s uber-adorableness is enough proof for me. $5 footlong…here I come! 🙂

  2. Jessie Capstick says:

    okay, I ate subway pretty much every week after my first trimester…and jack is perfectly fine and adorable, right? your pictures prove it. some would call me a reckless pregnant lady, I just couldn’t resist the power of subway.

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