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jacob. mason. william. jayden. noah. michael. ethan. alexander. aiden. daniel.

sound familiar? according to u.s. social security records (you should know by now that i’m a huge nerd, and totally search this stuff), those are the top 10 baby boy names from 2011.

so how do we even begin to pick a name for our little lyon? your name is something you’re stuck with for life. unless, of course, you change it to something like “metta world peace” (seriously, now, c’mon…). so how do we choose?

we’ve bought the book. you know, the book with a gazillion names. from aaron to zion, they’re all in there. and we went through the whole book – boys and girls both! then we scoured the internet, which was far less productive. those giant lists of names are just too much! we even found websites that give you information on what other people think of certain names!

finally, after searching for what felt like decades, we decided we had to come up with our “qualifications” for a name for little lyon. oh ya, we went there. here’s what we decided:

we want a name that’s not too popular, but not unheard of

that’s easy to spell, and read

that’s not too long

but not too short

that works with lyon – cuz, rory lyon, or ryan lyon – they just don’t work

if it has a nickname, we like both the nickname and the full name

oh, and we both have to agree, obviously. (but man, that eliminated a lot!)

phew! our list of must-have’s got long! but, it helped us narrow it down to the final three names!

wanna know what they are?

you’ll just have to wait for october to come! we decided that since we’ve shared the news that it’s a boy, we’re going to save the name reveal for when he’s here! plus, we’ll probably change our minds 100 times between now and then anyway πŸ˜‰

what are your favorite baby boy names? we can always use some more inspiration!



how far along? 23 weeks
maternity clothes? loving them all. regular clothes look pretty ridiculous now.
stretch marks? nope
sleep? i’m up to sleeping with 5 pillows, it’s pathetic!
best moment of the week? hmmm…it’s been a pretty quiet week..maybe that means there’s a lot around the corner…
movement? he’s still a kicker! especially at night or after i eat.
gender?Β it’s a boy!
symptoms: i’m doing great! besides feeling like a stuffed turkey, that is πŸ˜‰
milestones: i think i’m officially past the “is she pregnant?” stage!
emotions: still very excited for things to come πŸ™‚
miss anything? sleeping well! i have a feeling it may be awhile before i get back to that! oh, and having a wide selection of pants that fit, hehe.
food cravings: oh mexican food, how i love thee. i’m having a love affair with queso.
belly button in or out? that’s debatable this week…definitely debatable.
wedding rings on or off? on
looking forward to: deciding on a name!!

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  1. Lauren Christine Hearty says:

    Just so you know, it’s not that pathetic that you sleep with 5 pillows. I do that and I’m not pregnant… well, did… till I got married and my husband protested my pillows. lol! I like him, so I gave up the ones on his side. πŸ˜‰

  2. Dianna Rucker says:

    My daughter and husband are due very soon now and know the sex and name but aren’t revealing any of it. I’m glad though, it will all be a surprise but man it’s killing me too! Good luck Katie.

  3. Meaghan McCoy Carabello says:

    Congrats Katie! Nate shared your blog with me. I’m excited you’re keeping the name a secret. Whatever you call him, he’s a lucky boy to have you two as parents!

  4. Alan Lyon says:

    Common Lyon family name’s are Humberston, William, David, Richard, Alan, Mack, Steven…the most commen is Humberston…Oh and did I mention Alan….good luck with the name don’t tell anyone until little lyon is born…. oh did I mention he has a great uncle named Alan……

  5. Katie Lyon says:

    oh man, i seriously fear nate may get kicked off our king-sized bed because the pillows are taking up so much space. any day for your little girl – i cant want to see some pics! πŸ™‚

  6. Alyssa Dirschl says:

    Haha! Picking a name is impossible! And then when you pick one, you’ll find ten reasons to change it πŸ™‚ Also, you’ve got nothing on me, I’m up to 9 pillows (how is that possible?)

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