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My Emmett, Tomorrow, you are an official Kindergartner. Part of me is the crying mom. You know – the mom that just sits in her car after drop off and sobs. Because every day, you’re growing up. You need me less, or at least in different ways. I’m sad because I’m scared to send you […]

My baby is five. Five. One whole hand. Half a decade. FIVE. It feels like yesterday he was born, and I held him in my arms for the very first time, and thought, “I’m a mom. a mom.” But at the same time, I can hardly remember my life without him. Five years ago, he gave […]

“It takes a village.” You hear the phrase and you know exactly what it means. And as a mom of two littles, I couldn’t believe in the phrase more. The grandparents. The sitters. The neighbors. The teachers. Everyone. It takes a village. And without my village, life would feel impossible. My village. The people I relate to. Lean on. Celebrate […]

30. It’s one of those birthdays. One of the birthdays that comes with some stigma. That you’re supposed to dread. No one puts it better than our own Joey Tribiani… With 30 quickly approaching, I decided to take a different route. I wasn’t going to dread it, and I wasn’t going to “go all out” in the […]

10 years. 10 years. 3,650 days. 87,600 hours. 5,256,000 minutes. You get the point. It’s a long time. 10 years since I began Kate Marie Photography. Even longer since I started my journey as a professional Colorado wedding photographer. 10 years. It’s a long time. If my business were a person, she’d be entering her awkward, […]

Kate Marie Photography

There are moments in life that change everything. Moments that shift your life in a new direction, and from that moment on, you just know… a new chapter has started. Lucy Marie Lyon was born on March 7th at 3:40 am, weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and 17″ long. Our new chapter […]

I have a habit of doing what I think far too many of us do these days. I bury things. When I have things come up in my life that I wish weren’t there, or feel things I wish I weren’t feeling, it’s my instinct to just push them away. Pretend they’re not there. Because…maybe if […]

Fun. Natural. Personal. Stunning. It’s what my photography is about. It’s what my business is about. And now, it’s what my branding and website are about. After more than eight years owning Kate Marie Photography, I’ve refreshed my business. A new look, a new feel, and a more personal approach than ever. is more user-friendly and easier to navigate […]


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