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bump day – week 27 | colorado wedding photographer

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oh, how time flies! this is the last week of my second trimester. ya. the last week. next week, i’m the proud owner of a third-trimester belly. third. aka last trimester. aka, we will have a baby in three months. yipes!

thankfully, this trimester has been gobs and gobs easier than the first trimester. nausea? gone. crazy insane fatigue? gone. the “is she chubby or is she pregnant” look? gone. the second trimester is like the honeymoon phase – it’s like the preggo gods are saying “you survived! now i’ll reward you with a little break before you get huge!” hehe. well, thanks preggo gods – i sure have enjoyed the break 😉

At the end of my first trimester, i did a “first trimester favorites” list – which mostly consisted of things i used to survive the first trimester! since this trimester was so much better, here are nate and my favorite memories from the second trimester:

nate’s favorites:

finding out he’s a boy!
hospital tour (more on this later!)
trip to DC to visit natalie (nate’s sister)
night at the Broadmoor for our first anniversary
going to garage sales and snagging some great deals
seeing the nursery coming together
seeing katie’s bump grow
weekend trip to the cabin in grand lake
hike in Grand Lake with charli and baby in tote!
feeling baby kick
my father’s day gift (totally makes me smile like a little school girl that he said this 🙂 )

katie’s favorites:
working on picking out a name
watching nate get more and more excited – especially when he works on the nursery
feeling our little lyon kick, and learning his little routines
celebrating our first anniversary
sitting in bed at night reading our (crazy huge) stack of baby books together
feeling like a human again! ha!
having my mom visit and bring an entire suitcase of clothes and baby goods that her and my sister got.
having such amazing people help me out. i can’t even begin to say how great it’s been. people i haven’t talked to in years have helped me answer questions, given me advice, and i even had a bridesmaid stop mid-dance at a wedding i was shooting to see if i needed water!

how far along? 27 weeks.
maternity clothes? yep! plus yoga pants and nate’s basketball shorts!
stretch marks? nope – knock on wood.
sleep? i’m getting used to waking up every couple of hours…
best moment of the week? shopping with my mom for baby stuff – and finding some super adorable clothes for the little man.
movement? oh ya. and he’s soooo low!
symptoms: how about my bottomless pit for a stomach?
milestones: last week of the second trimester!
miss anything? i miss 90% of the clothes i had in my closet. i complained about not having anything to wear before, but now – my options are seriously limited!
food cravings: anything and everything. if it’s food, i’m eating it!
belly button in or out? out. way out. and getting hard to disguise in clothing…
wedding rings on or off? on! i’m shocked my fingers haven’t swollen yet.
looking forward to: seeing our little lyon on monday when we get another ultrasound!

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  1. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Getting closer to the big day!

  2. Alan Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing…….

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