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bump day – week 32 | colorado wedding photographer

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when we were planning our wedding, pinterest was tiny. like no one knew about it – tiny. i know, total tragedy. no endless pages of ideas, or dresses, or things you’d never think of. we came up with ideas from the hundreds of weddings i’ve been to, wedding magazines, and even managed to come up with some completely on our own. pinterest boomed right after our wedding.

but with little lyon, i get pinterest! and thank goodness because i haven’t seen hundreds of nurseries like i’ve been to so many weddings, and there definitely aren’t as many baby magazines as there are wedding magazines! needless to say, i’ve gone a little pin-crazy…nate calls me a “pin-head”. but who can blame me when there’s cute stuff like this:

i got a sewing machine for christmas – and while i don’t really think i’m capable of making this on my own, i do have some pretty talented friends that can help me – with a more masculine version of course 😉

such a cute way to remember milestones! although i kind of want to do a big chalkboard speech bubble!

must do.



because really – what’s cuter than a baby with a bowtie?

how am i supposed to resist this?

this is only the beginning – you should see my boards…it’s a disease, i swear!


how far along? 32 weeks.
maternity clothes? yes! and anything comfortable – i’ve kind of given up on “cute” by now – i just want to be comfy!
stretch marks? still none. (fingers crossed…)
sleep? i think i’ve said “goodbye” to my days of sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a time. but hey, it’s good prep for when the little lyon is here!
best moment of the week? watching my bestie tie the knot – as her matron of honor!
movement? soooo active! and i can always tell where his two “bumps” are – but i don’t know which one is his butt and which one is his head, hehe 🙂 gonna have to ask them when i have an ultrasound tomorrow!
symptoms: back pain like no other.
milestones: i’ve been looking forward to being ashli’s matron of honor since february – it felt like so far away when we first talked about me being big and round on her day. i can’t believe the day has already come and gone!
miss anything? a normal appetite! all i do is eat!!
food cravings: anything. i’ll eat it all 😉
belly button in or out? out!
wedding rings on or off? on!
looking forward to: childbirth classes start this weekend!

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  1. Alyssa Dirschl says:

    She’s fantastic! Being a mom is the best job on earth! (and the hardest, lol) 🙂

  2. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Those childbirth classes are really helpful! You’ll be glad you took them!

  3. Katie Lyon says:

    That’s such a relief to hear!!!!! Five hours would be awesome 🙂 Hope your little one is doing well! 🙂

  4. Alyssa Dirschl says:

    You’ll sleep soooo much better when he gets here! A five hour stretch is like heaven!

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