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bump day – week 38 | colorado wedding photographer

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the other day, i saw a photo of myself mid-pregnancy. i remember feeling so big, and now i look back and think i look so itty-bitty. little lyon could be coming any day now. any day could be my last day with him in my belly, which means any day could be the biggest i get. phew! i’m soooo excited to meet our little man, and i’m soooo excited to not have a big ‘ol santa belly! it’s been fun, but it’s getting a little out of hand! this belly is just huge!

during the pregnancy, nate and i have tried to take as many belly shots as we can. they weren’t meant to be super artistic – that wasn’t the point. we just wanted to have fun with it (and we did!). lots of them were done just before i’d make a bump day post when nate came home from work – you can tell how tired we both are in our mid-week faces! perfect or not, i love them, and it’s already fun to look back at them and see myself grow! the next long-term series like this will definitely be our little lyon growing – just outside of my belly 😉  here are a few of my favorites from the past 9 months – some of them making their second turn on the blog, and some new 🙂

11 weeks and announcing the pregnancy! we were both incredibly excited to spill the beans. i remember my jeans already starting to get tight at this stage, but now i think i look so small!

16 weeks – let the “ate too many cupcakes” belly begin!!

20 weeks and finally finding out it’s a boy – and finally starting to show….kind of.

21 weeks – some days i looked more pregnant than other days.

25 and 27 weeks – i officially have a bump!

and i’m officially wearing yoga pants most days…as proven by the pics, hehe.

29 weeks!

33 weeks. grow, little lyon, grow!!

30 weeks, then 38 weeks.


how far along? 38 weeks.
maternity clothes? of course!
sleep? not so great. the pregnancy insomnia has returned! let’s just say grey’s anatomy has proved very entertaining at 1am.
best moment of the week? shooting my last wedding before baby. i was nervous that i’d pop before the wedding day (or at the wedding!) but everything went great!
movement? rolling around, and hiccups every day.
symptoms: back pain, and huge-ness, but it will all be worth it!
milestones: the car seat is officially installed. we’re ready for him!
miss anything? wine, or better yet, pumpkin beer. with this fall weather, it would be pretty awesome to have one.
food cravings: nothing in particular!
belly button in or out? it’s pretty much just flat now, stretched out to the max!
wedding rings on or off? still on – it’s a miracle i tell ya.
looking forward to: cuddling the little guy 🙂

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  1. Kathleen says:

    We are so excited for you. You are going to be more exhausted then you can ever imagine more worried about every little thing and believe it or not even more in love with little lyon then you ever thought possible! Looking forward to the first pics of him.

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