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Cillian’s Birth | Denver Birth Photographer

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Rachel: Why doesn’t she want to come out?
Ross: You know what I think it is? I think you made such a nice home for her over the last nine months that she just doesn’t want to leave.
Rachel: Aw, look at you makin’ up crap for me.

sorry babies. that comfy home you’ve been living in, it can’t last forever. the “womb service” you’ve been getting 24/7, it will end. for kate and her hubs stephen, that meant a scheduled c-section.


i love the look of excitement-nervous-what-the-heck-are-they-doing-to-me-behind-this-sheet.

being in the super-sterile operating room with the bright lights and fancy doctors everywhere was beyond cool. call it gross if you want. but newsflash people, birth is amazing.

it’s a labor of love, that labor thing, even if kate’s labor was on an operating table.

seeing cillian go from womb to room was seriously the coolest thing i’ve seen. ever. the little human was starting his life right in front of my eyes.

hi baby. meet momma. on the outside. 🙂

it’s not officially official until the footprints are made.

hi baby cillian!

over-the-moon, totally-in-love, proud-mama moment.

nurse: “would you like me to take a picture with you in it?”

me: “um yes! i’m going to need proof that i was a part of this.”

kate – you’re gorgeous. baby c is, too 🙂

i really didn’t think kate’s two little girls could get any cuter. but when they met their new little brother, they somehow got even cuter.

don’t you just want to scoop her up?

being born is no joke. enjoy your little nap, baby c!

first bubble bath.

a mohawk on a newborn? i mean that’s just too much to handle…

kate & stephen – i can’t thank you enough for sharing such an incredible day with me. your new little human, he’s perfect. i hope you and your family enjoy every moment with your new ‘itty bitty’.

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  1. Katy says:

    Tiffany, Oh my goodness. My heart just skppeid a beat as soon as I saw your blog. He is adorable. Oh, I am so glad to see his pictures. It makes this process seem more real and “worth the wait”. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Kim Clark Frakes says:

    Watching the birth of a baby is the most awesome thing in life. It’s just amazing how things turn out with a new life in your arms.

  3. Maureen Turcotte says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Memories.

  4. Marilee Rayome says:

    This Namma is crying her eyes out with shear love and joy in my heart! Amazing photographs Katie! Thank you! I was able to relive that wonderful day again through these photos! The love shared between Kate and Stephen created this amazing little guy! <3 My heart overunneth with joy as I looked at these photos! <3 You are right about Lils and Brooklyn ~ They have gotten even cuter, as the love they have for Cillian shines brightly on their faces! 🙂

  5. Cathy Van Vleck says:

    Kate–I could not sleep so came into the computer room and onto
    FB—and I am sooo glad that I did. This was so amazing to be able to see Cillian coming into the world, the girls with him and helping to bathe him, the joy on Stephen’s and your faces—I will indeed have sweet dreams tonight, when I finally do go to sleep. Love you–each and every one of you. <3 <3 <3

  6. Wendy Neb Thompson says:

    Absolutely adorable!!!!

  7. Kate Smith says:

    AH thank you Katie!! WE LOVE THEM!

  8. Cathy Marie says:

    very cool. what an awesome way to remember such a special day. Great pics!

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