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Aiden | Newborn

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I love babies. Like, I really, really love babies. They can cry, fuss, and scream all they want, and I’ll still love babies. Not only are they just so darn cute and little, but they’re all so different. Right from the get go. They all have their own look, and they all have their own personality from day one. Aiden is no exception. This little man is such a sweet little guy, and (as you can see from the images)¬†loves to be all snuggly.

My favorite part about lifestyle newborn sessions is capturing not only how the baby looks and their cute, tiny features, but also what they like to do, where they like to be, what makes them have that smirky little grin on their face. Looking back to when my own little guy was a newborn (almost a year ago!) I love to remember how little he was, and how different he looked, but i also love to remember how different his personality was. They change so much, and so fast, and not just in their appearance.

Enjoy some of my favorite images of baby Aiden’s newborn session, including lots of him snuggling in his cozy swaddle. Because, really, what’s better than being snuggly?


 Baby bums = best thing ever.

Don’t mess with baby A. His bodyguard will take you down.


Welcome to the world, Aiden!

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