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Wedding season is beginning to come to an end which means a few things:

1. My husband will once again have someone to spend his Saturdays with, but I will have no idea what to do with mine! All those things that “normal” people do on Saturdays – grocery shop, movies, spend time outside, or read a book…except then there’s the issue of – – –

2. I won’t do any of this because of my pure, complete inability to stop doing things. You’d think I’d stop, relax, recover. And I’ll say I will. But I won’t. I mean COME ON! There’s just so much else I could do!
Yep, I’m that kind of person. If I don’t have something to do, my leg twitches. Seriously, it’s an issue. Take it or leave it, that’s me.

3. It’s goal time. Every year after wedding season, I like to look back and make some goals. Not just think about it one afternoon and let some things wander in my brain, but actually sit down in my studio and write down what I sucked at this year. Hehe, yep. I said it. Cuz if I say it out loud, and if I write it down, I own it. And if I publish it here, I have to own it. (Oh God, what am I getting myself into….)

So, here it goes. The list of goals for 2011-2012:

  • Set hours. The best part about owning your own business is you can make your own hours. The worst part about owning your own business is you make your own hours. I’m doing no one any favors by writing emails at 2:00 am! So, I will have a set schedule like any normal person, and live by it! (I really need to stop using the word ‘normal’ for myself…:) )
  • Do more photography for me. I did one shoot this year that was just for me – for exploration and for pushing the limits, and for finding inspiration where I didn’t usually see it. But, it’s gotten pushed further and further in the to-do list with real projects that have been happening! My “me” projects are now going to get the same respect and priority as all projects. What makes me a better photographer gets you better photos!
  • BLOG MORE! Starting ten minutes ago, when I started this post, I promise to blog more. 🙂
  • Inspire brides. I love weddings. Not just wedding photography. The elegance, the spark, the joy, the love. It’s time I share some of my crazy ideas in case someone out there is equally as quirky as I am and wants to try one 🙂
  • Um, hello, I got married, and no one knows it! Yep, 2011 was my year. I got to marry my best friend. And I learned sooo much from my experience that can help all my brides! So, 2012 brides, you’re in for a world full of advice – take it or leave it, I’m putting it out there!
  • Efficiency! Every time I think of efficiency, I think of Lucille and her friend (Betty?) in that chocolate candy factory on I Love Lucy. You know how it’s a perfect system they manage to mess up all the while having a blast, until things are crazy. Ya, hello Kate. So, time to fix the machine! Streamlining, here I come…
Oh, and I have fun ones, too 😉
  • Run 2 more 5Ks. I don’t run. Period. I look like Phoebe Buffay running through Central Park.(Ya, the The Phoebe Run) But I proved myself wrong last September and ran a 5K after training for 2 months. All to prove myself wrong. Because I am That Stubborn. (It’s genetic, I swear). Since that day, I haven’t run. So, I’m gonna get stubborn again and do it twice more. Because if I can’t beat myself than what good is what I accomplished??
  • Learn to relax. Yoga, here I come. Hope you can handle the chaos of Kate…

So, I’m throwing these out to the world! Let’s see how it goes 🙂

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  1. Kate says:

    I should have added, “Have R.J. Kern comment on my blog”. Hehe, check! Congrats on the engagement, R.J.! Your turn now!

  2. R. J. Kern says:

    A great set of goals!

  3. Kate says:

    I feel like you’re close, Dianna!!! I always tell Tara I’m going to steal you 🙂 I love chatting about photos with you. 🙂

  4. Dianna Rucker says:

    ALWAYS enjoy your photos. Wish you were closer and I could follow you at a shoot! So much to learn.

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