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happily emmett after | 2 weeks old | colorado wedding photographer

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a little over two weeks ago, my life changed forever. my little lyon, emmett, was born. being a new mom is nothing shy of, well, perfect.

when i first started my bump day blog posts, i wrote them so i’d have a record of my pregnancy, and so my friends and family from afar could share in nate and i’s journey. life goes by fast – too fast – and i didn’t want to forget all the memories of my pregnancy. i never expected so much positive feedback, and so many comments from those in my life. i had no intentions of continuing it once emmett arrived, but now i can’t imagine not writing about our journey into parenthood. and in 20 years, he’ll probably get quite the kick out of it 🙂 so, here it goes – the start of “happily emmett after” – aka my updates on little emmett.

the past 9 months, i’ve had this mixture of excitement, anxiety, and nervousness about being a new mom. i knew it would be amazing. i also knew i had no idea how amazing it would be. but, the moment the doctor handed him to me in the delivery room, the nerves were gone. everything was exactly like it was supposed to be. it was perfect. absolutely perfect.

i’ll dive into the story of his delivery in a later post, but for now, here’s a glimpse into our first days as a family.

the adorable suitcase was a shower gift, and i love all the messages written on it.

is it totally obvious we’re in love with him?

charli likes him, too, and has been super protective. it’s pretty much adorable.

how could i resist? i mean, he’s our little lyon!!!

first nap in his big crib. (yep, i’m documenting everything, it’s a little absurd 😉 )

this top image melts my heart.

10 fingers. 10 toes. and 2 super cute little lips.

the poor guy will never escape my camera 🙂

oh, his little bum.


tehehehe 🙂

yep, we love him.


teenie tiny little toes.

without sounding like i’m giving a bad oscar’s-thank-you-speech, i really do want to thank everyone for their love and support we’ve received over the past 9 months, and as we brought emmett into our lives. we have both been so blown away by the love and kindness that’s been shown to us. it’s more than we could have ever possibly imagined 🙂


our little lyon:

is 2 weeks old – already!

grunts and groans and makes all sorts of cute little squeaks.

has quite the little mullet – who knew a mullet could be so adorable?

looks just like nate

loves making faces, and is even trying to smile

likes to look around at his surroundings – especially into light

holds his head out like a turtle and makes a scruncy face when we burp him

is already a star on skype by meeting all of his long-distance relatives

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  1. Christina Marquart says:

    He is so cute and I’m so happy for u two . I still need to mail his gift . Haha! Take care. Miss you

  2. Hailee Satterfield says:

    SWEET BABY JESUS, this cute if effing cute. I love him so much. Die for these pictures.

  3. Lindsey Satterfield Reevie says:

    I DIE! I just love him so much. Wait until I send this link to Ann!

  4. Debbie Chandler says:

    So, so adorable – how great to have a mommy who is an awesome photographer!! Making memories that will last a lifetime!! Hope to meet Mr. Lyon in person soon!! Enjoy each and every minute.

  5. Dianna Rucker says:

    so so sweet, thanks for sharing all the photos. I LOVE to see them and look forward to updates too!

  6. Jessie Capstick says:

    he is PERFECT! love the scale picture! big hugs to you guys.

  7. Alan Lyon says:

    Very cute thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Courtney Kiang says:

    Katie, he is adorable and your photos are amazing! So cute, rar! It makes me wish my last name was panda, lol.

  9. Tiffany Whitsitt says:

    Love!! Especially the Charlie one:)

  10. Sarah Walter says: I’m not a baby person, but he is adorable. Like, crazy adorable. Congrats you two! He’s just perfect! (Love the name, too!)

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