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Rebecca + Jeff | Golden Wedding Photographer

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Becca and Jeff – what can I say? There’s something about long-distance relationships that’s just so great. The time together, and the moments that are shared are never taken advantage of. Jeff adored Becca our entire session, and Becca is on cloud 9 when she’s around her man. It’s couples like this that remind me just how much I love love. <3

So, so sweet. I just love it when there’s so much emotion, even with eyes closed. It’s like a little secret.

So sweet until I crack a bad joke…Hehe.

I love this one. This is EXACTLY how I would describe the two – so much fun and excitement, but still a calm when they’re together.

Secret obsession of mine: BLANK WALLS! You know, those ones that everyone passes by while looking at something prettier? Well, I stand up for the little guy – it’s the blank wall for me!

Cuz, um, ya, those eyes … THEY should be the focus 😉

Jeff has a secret past as a model. That was a lie…but you believed me, right?

Two words, ladies…CUSTOM MADE.

Yep, he designed it. No, seriously, he did. And THAT gets 2 photos on the blog!

Becca and Jeff – you two are kind of adorable. Like kind of super adorable.

I love snuggles. I just love them. Can someone make me a t-shirt that says that? Cuz it’s true.

Hands down favorite. Oh, the love 🙂

Becca and Jeff – I am nothing shy of honored to be a part of your wedding next year. It’s going to be simple stunning!

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  1. Dianna Rucker says:

    Beautiful as always. So love the expressions you seem to be able to get from the people in your portraits!! So awesome

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