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You like me? You really, really like me?

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A couple of weeks ago, I was meeting with a potential bride, her fiance, and her mom at a local Starbucks when we got on the topic of liking your photographer, and how important that really is. It’s simple —

-Your florist can be a mean person. As long as they deliver great flowers. Who cares, right? (My florist from my wedding was a doll, but I hated my flowers.)

-Your caterer can be a total jerk. Cuz who says jerks can’t cook? Plus, they’re in the kitchen! (My caterers were super nice – like Winnie the Pooh nice – but they left me empty handed at the end of my reception.)

-Your DJ, well they need to be somewhat cool – but really more likable to a crowd than your buddy.

-Your dress shop, they can be total snobs. You don’t have to deal with them on your day.

But you have to like your photographer. Period. (And I mean that like your mom meant, “Clean your room!” when you were a little kid.) Liking everyone else is a bonus.

Your photographer will spend all day with you. Yup. Right there with your bridesmaids, your family, and your new spouse. If you don’t like them – really, REALLY like them, it won’t be nearly as much fun. You need to be comfortable laughing, crying, feeling nervous, excited, and thrilled all around this one person. They’ll be with you when you get dressed, just before you walk down the aisle, in your first moments as a married couple, and throughout your reception. Seriously, you better like them.

And while I’m on it, you better be comfortable around your photographer. (I’m getting into total mommy-style-lecture-mode here. Hehe!) I’ve done the following things for brides on their big day without any hesitation:

-Pulled safety pins out of my pants to pin their bussle up when it fails

-Helped a bride pee. Yup. You heard me right. Someone’s gotta hold up that big white dress!

-Fixed bunching undies under the dress (and to my bride who I know is reading this – I got cha back…haha)

The list goes on, but you get the jist. By the end of the night, I leave with a hug and a big good-bye, because I’m a friend, not just a photographer. 🙂


Now that I’ve rambled on and on, I’ll get to my point. Good photos come in part from a relationship with your photographer. Liking them, trusting them, feeling comfortable around them, and being yourself around them is part of what makes the super-candid, super-cute images happen. It’s only part of the equation to getting great photographs, but it’s an important part! Hire someone you like. If you like me, I’m incredibly flattered. If not, find someone who you do like! (And if you don’t like me, why have you read this far, silly?)


Some of my favorite images emerge from friendships I have with clients…



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  2. Elisabeth says:

    haha…yeah, thanks for that!!! 😉

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