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Jonathan + Allyson's Event Center at Church Ranch Wedding

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A few nights ago, I was listening to the radio while I was stuck in traffic. To be completely honest, I usually hate the radio. The songs are the same, the djs are all pretty annoying, and I’d rather plug in my iphone and sing like a fool to some pandora. But this night, I ended up listening to the good ‘ol fm. They were discussing marriage, and they took a caller. This caller starting said something that I’ve heard at many weddings, but for some reason, it really stuck with me this time.

“I hope, that on your wedding day, you love each other the least.”

Sounds pretty awful, right? I mean, you should probably love your partner a decent amount on the day you marry them! But when you really think about it, only the truly lucky couples love each other the least on their wedding day.

Last year, I met with Allyson and Jon at a local cafe to talk wedding. It was obvious that they were in love. When we shot their engagement session, they were even more in love. And on their big day, they loved each other far more. Each and every time I was with the couple, I guarantee, if I were to ask them, they’d say, “I’ve never loved him/her more than i do today.” Now that their wedding has passed, I know they love each other more now than they did that very day. (Even if they didn’t think that was possible.)

That’s the magic of true love. You don’t think you can love someone any more than you do, and then all of the sudden…you do.

So, Allyson & Jon – I hope that every day of your long marriage, you will love each other more than you did the day before.

I’m a sucker for sneak peeks.

Allyson let each bridesmaid choose their own dress to reflect their personal style – I love how they ended up looking as a group!

My shot – left. My 2nd shooter’s shot (also named kate)- right.

i have the best second shooters ever.

Allyson was adventurous and climbed through some branches to get these shots. I luuurve how they turned out!

Allyson’s mom was the sweetest thing ever watching her little girl walk down the aisle.

such a family affair – jon’s dad married him and allyson. i mean, really, they’re whole family is just too sweet.

I just love these three together. it’s so¬†them.


congratulations allyson & jon – i hope you have many, many days of “I love you more than ever”.

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