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Bitty is here! And it’s a… Girl!!!

There are moments in life that change everything. Moments that shift your life in a new direction, and from that moment on, you just know… a new chapter has started.

Lucy Marie Lyon was born on March 7th at 3:40 am, weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and 17″ long.


Our new chapter had begun. In the most fantastic way ever.

Labor was fast and furious, just like it was with Emmett. 4 hours of labor and our little girl was here. After (nearly) 9 months of waiting, we finally knew that she was a she. As she was born, the doctors exclaimed, “Tell her, dad! Tell her!” and Nate replied, “I can’t see!!” Hands everywhere and the chaos of labor, but once he got a look, he said in a way I’ll always remember, “It’s a girl! A girl!!”

A girl.

We have a daughter.

A daughter.


The tears started rolling down my face as I waited to hear her cry. In a split second, the nurses swept her off my chest to the warmer. A small complication had made it hard for her to breathe, so they gave her a little help. I got to snuggle her for about a minute, and then she was swept to the NICU.

Little Lucy had some trouble keeping her oxygen levels where they needed to be, so she spent about 18 hours in the NICU. Just as talk began of having to send her home with oxygen, she was able to hold her oxygen levels on her own and got out of the NICU. The nurse gave me the good news and I couldn’t hold back the tears.


Getting out of the NICU meant that she could finally meet her big brother (While in the NICU, he could only see her through the door).
And then, tears really started flowing.
He was so excited. And so protective. And so happy. And so in love with her.
He kept saying, “She’s so cute! She’s so cute! I love her!”

My heart has never felt so full. After so much anxiety and so many nerves about Baby #2, it all came together. Life feels so perfect, and we just love her so much.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Emmett meeting Lucy, and some of my favorites from her first two weeks at home. Emmett’s going to have to teach her the ropes of being a photographer’s kid… and the thousands of pictures that come with it 😉


I will never forget how excited Emmett was to meet Lucy. Non-stop smiling and giggling. It was amazing to literally see him fall in love with his sister.


My heart. It just melts.


What you can’t see is me trying to wipe the tears (of joy) from my face as I took these photographs.


“I want to kiss her!” “I want to hold her hand!”


Home at last!


Yes, I already have hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures of her. But I’ve also been trying to just be present in the first few weeks of her life, and our life as a family of four. Putting the camera down is hard, but sometimes you have to just soak up the now.


I still can’t believe we have a daughter 🙂

kate-marie-photography-14My favorite photo of my two angels. Ever. You can see Emmett’s pride, and Lucy just loving on him.
SO worth the two toys I had to buy him to bribe him into cooperating 😉
kate-marie-photography-15I think yellow is her color!

A little sneak into her nursery (more in another post!)


Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes! And extra thanks to my clients who have been super patient the past two weeks while I’ve been in newborn mode!

Welcome to the world, Lucy.

We just love you.

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  1. Penny Elliott Fox says:

    She is beautiful and he is such a handsome big brother. I am Rick’s friend from volleyball. Congrats to all of you.

  2. Rachael Bangert says:

    This made me tear up.

  3. Jennifer Lyon says:

    This is wonderful Katie!!

  4. Sandra Stupar Genova says:

    So sweet! Congrats!

  5. Shauna D. Davis says:

    So happy for you! You got your girl! Sorry about the NICU stay but so glad it was short.

  6. Cindy Nielsen says:

    What a wonderful blog! Katie, you’re the best photographer ever! We love all of you so much!

  7. Alan Lyon says:

    Just absolutely love her.

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