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Space Gallery Denver Wedding: Amy & Stephen

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“This is your community.”
Amy’s mom said it perfectly when she welcomed the couple’s friends and family to their wedding reception at Space Gallery Denver.

And she is so right. Those that filled the rows of their ceremony and the dinner tables at their reception weren’t just friends and family. They were so, so much more than that.

A community.

They are the ones who (as one of Stephen’s groomsmen put it), “will offer to help move your huge refrigerator”.
They are their support. They are their people.
Amy and Stephen’s community is deep.

It was so obvious, even to me. Groups of smiling faces from college, medical school, their local friends, their families…the list goes on and on. They were true communities.

But the most obvious thing about the incredible people that gathered for their day was their love for these two. From a personalized wedding ceremony performed by a close friend to bridal party speeches that spoke true to the couple’s character – you could just tell.

These two and the community they’ve built. They’re pretty incredible.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Amy & Stephen’s day. And don’t forget – 25 comments gets these two a free 11×14 print, so leave some love at the bottom!

hyatt convention center denver weddingHyatt Convention Center Denver

Amy chose the perfect accessories to go with her amazing gown from Emma & Grace, and the bridesmaid dresses she chose were just stunning.

Hyatt Convention Center Denver

The terrace at the Hyatt Convention Center was the perfect spot for an intimate first look with Amy & Stephen.

Hyatt Convention Center DenverHyatt Convention Center DenverHyatt Convention Center Denver

Love this ceremony location. Peak’s Lounge was modern, intimate, and so unique.

Peak's Lounge HyattPeak's Lounge Hyatt

Amy & Stephen’s good friend officiated their ceremony, and incorporated marriage advice from the couple’s friends and family. It was such a personal touch to the ceremony, and connected everyone just that much more.

Hyatt Peak's Lounge WeddingPeak's Lounge Hyatt weddingPeaks Lounge HyattHyatt Peaks Lounge

After the ceremony, it was portrait time at Union Station!

Union Station Denver

Love these colors together! Perfect for a winter wedding. (Even the random 60 degree February day like we had!)

Denver Union Station Bridal PartyUnion Station Denver Wedding PartyUnion Station Denver Bridal PartyUnion Station Denver Bridal PartyUnion Station Bride and GroomDenver Union Station WeddingSpace-Gallery-Denver-020

I just can’t say enough about how fabulous my second shooter Briony is. I absolutely adore the candid images like these that she snaps while I’m getting a different view. Her shot here – – –

Denver Union Station Bride and GroomAnd my shot here!

Union Station DenverUnion Station DenverSpace Gallery Denver

Amy & Stephen love this wall art in Denver, and it made for the perfect mix of portrait backgrounds.

Space Gallery WeddingDowntown Denver WeddingDowntown Wedding DenverDowntown Denver WeddingWedding RingsColorado Wedding FlowersColorado Wedding Photos

Space Gallery Denver is one of those venues that doesn’t need a lot of decor. With the rotating art, it’s so stunning just as it is. The white and grey touches Amy & Stephen incorporated made everything pop in the best way.

Space Gallery Denver

Space Gallery DenverSpace Gallery DenverSpace Gallery Denver

Who needs a wedding cake when you have an ice cream bar?!

Space Gallery Denver

Space Gallery Denver

And a s’mores bar on the patio!

Wedding smores bar

Time for the dances! Amy & Stephen nailed their first dance and I heard guest after guest say, “This is awesome!”

Space Gallery DenverSpace Gallery Denver

Space Gallery DenverSpace Gallery DenverSpace Gallery Denver

One of the things I love most about Space Gallery is the area around it. Alleys. . . doorways. . . nooks & crannies. They make for the most dramatic night shots.

Space Gallery DenverSpace Gallery Denver

Congratulations, Amy & Stephen! You two and your community are so loving, so spirited, and so fun!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below! 25 comments and these two lovebirds get a free 11×14 🙂

Ceremony Venue: Hyatt Downtown Denver
Reception Venue: Space Gallery Denver
Flowers: Plum Sage Flowers
Dress: Emma and Grace
Hair/Makeup: Matthew Morris Salon
Ice cream: Sweet Action
Food: Epicurean
Coordination: We Tie The Knots

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  1. Jack Kay says:

    Photos are AMAZING!

  2. Michelle Dewvall says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  3. Mike S says:

    Great Pictures for sure

  4. Alta Specializzazione Musicale says:

    Marina is ready to cook for you: you have to bring Amy at Grole. Congratulations!

  5. The Concert Of 100 Youths says:

    Waiting for you in Sesto (ask Steve for details). Happy lfe to you and Amy

  6. The Concert Of 100 Youths says:

    A big hug to both from your Italian family

  7. Qui Base Luna says:

    Well, our musical planet is excellent for a fun honeymoon: we’ll wait for you at the launch center in Desenzano Italy

  8. Sogni in Corso says:

    In our next CD we’ll have a song for Amy: all the best dear Stephen

  9. Scuola di Musica del Garda says:

    You have a special deal here waiting for you as a wedding gift: a Blues Brothers singing class for Steve. We know he’d love it! Congratulations!

  10. Garda Lake International Music Master says:

    I hope the music was as great as the pictures! Have fun!

  11. ONELab says:

    Hey you must take Amy to Italy (and with the excuse of innovation, take daddy too)

  12. Gigi Tagliapietra says:

    What a joyful moment!

  13. Cynthia A Nelson says:

    Great wedding in every way!

  14. Jessica Cecil says:

    So beautiful <3 Congrats again and thanks for inviting us!

  15. Rick Perry says:

    We were honored you invited us to your wedding, thank you. We wish you many years of happiness.

  16. Belinda Baxter says:

    Lovely photos of a lovely couple on a monumentous day! Congrats Stephen and Amy, and may these memories last you a lifetime!

  17. Gretchen Leuck Baxter says:

    Breathtaking. So Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant

  18. Jodie Nida says:

    Stunning photos of an amazing couple! May your marriage be forever blessed!

  19. Anita Nerhus says:

    Amy & Stephen ~~ These fantastic photos express the joy, fun and love felt at your beautiful wedding and the immense love you have for each other. So glad to have shared it with you all.

  20. Belinda Baxter says:

    What lovely photos! Almost makes me feel like I was there. Congrats, Stephen and Amy – may your love and these happy memories last you a lifetime and beyond!

  21. Nick Nelson says:

    The photos were exceptional in detail, timeliness, coverage and originality. Above all, they reflected the love shared between Stephen and Amy. Cindy and I were glad and honored to be a part of it.

  22. Gretchen Baxter says:

    So elegant. Breathtaking. Wish I could have attended. Wishing them both an everlasting love for each other.

  23. Denny says:

    Though marriage generally presents that two people become one, that is rarely true. You each will have some special interest that is not shared by your marriage partner. Allow that special interest to exist. You each must retain some individuality.

    You are a very beautiful couple. Best wishes!

  24. Suzanne Leuck says:

    A beautiful bride, and a handsome groom. God bless them both!

  25. Frazer "unk" Leuck says:

    What a delightful wedding for a couple of delightful young people! My first experience of a wedding in the ‘modern’ world, occupied by my grandchildren and grandnephews/nieces. God bless them all!


  26. Nikki Perry says:

    I love these photos! They are so beautiful and you can truly see the love between Stephan and Amy. I had an amazing time at the wedding and these realy capture the joy that was in the atmosphere that night.

  27. Linda Mead says:

    Wonderful- imagery , framing, loving subjects…amazing. Last two shots were incredible. Wish I could have been there to share in the joy. Blessings forever to the happy couple.

  28. Jo Ann Baker says:

    Your photos were so beautiful! You all looked so happy and so in love. Felt like I was there. I can’t wait to show them to my mom. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day through your fantastic photos

  29. Barbara Rinner says:

    Love the photos and the wonderful memories!

  30. Jacquelyn Dekker says:

    Beautiful pictures! What a special day!

  31. Lindsay Rinner says:

    So cute !!!

  32. kim rinner says:

    The photos are gorgeous!!
    -Kim Rinner

  33. Carleen Marie says:

    These are amazing! So glad I got the chance to be a part of this day!

  34. Steve Meyer says:

    Great pictures of a beautifully photogenic couple which capture the many wonderful memories of that special day.

  35. Douglas says:

    Love you all!

  36. Glenn Meyer says:

    Great pictures of a wonderful day.

  37. Chris mccabe says:

    The photos are stunning! Such a great day and an honor to celebrate with you!

  38. Stephen Meyer says:

    Thank you so much for capturing these moments, Kate! These photos are better than I ever could have imagined.

  39. Pat Kohl says:

    Wow! What fabulous photos. They captured the essence of your beautiful day!

  40. Mary Chamberlain says:

    What a beautiful wedding with family and friends! Loved the pictures. Brings back wonderful memories of an awesome day! Keep celebrating, Amy and Stephen! What a beautiful couple you make.

  41. Kaitlin Prinsen says:

    These pictures are amazing. Way to capture such an amazing day!

  42. Eric Wilberg says:

    Awesome photos of a very fun day!

  43. Shelley Yorke Rose says:

    Gorgeous photos – congrats to Amy and Stephen! Looks like a great time was had by all.

  44. Linda Rinner says:

    Beautiful photographs!

  45. Jaime Dibrowa says:

    Such beautiful pics!

  46. Peggy Gamble says:

    What a lovely couple …
    Amy you grew up!!!!

  47. Jennie Crate says:

    Beautiful captures! I really love the individual bridal portrait in the city–stunning!

  48. Candice Benjamin Moore says:

    Cute! I love the Space Gallery!

  49. Linda Pears Rinner says:

    Great pictures – I’m crying again !

  50. Kari Baars says:

    These photos perfectly capture this wonderful day and the amazing couple!

  51. Marie DeArment says:

    Excellent Photos! Capture the essence of a loving couple, their family and friends and the beauty of their selected venues!

  52. Leigha Bice says:

    Beautiful, Amy & Stephen!! Congrats!! Xoxo, Leigha

  53. Rita Rinner says:

    What a beautiful summary of a magical evening with a lovely / handsome bride and groom! Awesome photos.

  54. Ben Findley says:

    Great shots and summary of the day! Excellent find on the Tivoli mural too!

  55. Julie Y says:

    Gorgeous bride!

  56. stephanie says:


  57. Rick Rinner says:

    Great job Kate!

  58. Erika Burke says:

    The photos are absolutely beautiful, such a fun wedding!

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