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bump day – week 14

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well, we can’t officially find out the gender of little lyon for another 6 weeks (at our 20 week ultrasound). so until then, we are left with speculation, guesses, and the glory of the internet.

while they’re obviously not very reliable in accuracy, gender prediction quizzes online are pretty fun :).  nate and i had a little fun answering all sorts of questions from how severe my morning sickness was, to how i grab a mug. ya – one quiz asked if i pick up a mug by the handle or not! if you can tell me how that’s related to the gender of the little lyon, you will officially be the smartest person i know.

with no further adieu, i present to you, the results!

Well, the results are final!! we are either having a boy or a girl!!!

nate and i both have a feeling that it’s a boy. when we saw the ultrasounds, the way the little one was kicking with such energy, it just looked like a little boy playing soccer! (i can only hope those kicks aren’t so violent as he/she gets bigger!) i always thought i would have a little girl first, though, and my g-pa, who is the self-proclaimed master at guessing babies’ genders, is convinced it’s a girl. for now, we’ll just have to wait and keep guessing – at least speculating is fun! we weren’t sure if we would find out the gender or not, but i can’t imagine waiting any longer than the 6 weeks we have to wait and enjoy the mystery!

ps – baby is the size of a large lemon this week, and can wiggle his/her toes and suck his/her thumb!!


How Far Along? 14 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Do my sweatpants count? Because they are currently my best friend 🙂
Weight Gain? Inching towards my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s pretty weird to step on the scale and be ok with gaining weight!
Stretch Marks? Nope!
Sleep? A little better this week!
Best Moment of the Week? My belly has made an appearance! Sure, it looks like I have a beer belly to the naked eye, but I swear, it’s the little lyon 🙂 (pic to update next week!)
Movement? Not for a couple of months at least
Gender? girl, boy? who knows! anyone have a guess?
Symptoms: I’m starting to feel like a human again, which is flippin-fan-tastic! my biggest symptom now are headaches
Milestones: this is the first week i can actually feel my bump!
Emotions: still doing well, and we’re getting more and more excited!
Miss Anything? the comfort of a good pair of jeans, hehe.
Food cravings: i could still eat mexican food every day of the week. burrito…taco…nacos…queso…mmmmmm
Belly Button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Looking forward to: Getting past the stage where you can’t tell if i’ve just gained a few pounds, or if i’m actually pregnant!

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  1. Cindy Nielsen says:

    We all still think it’s going to be a boy or a very active girl! Future Great Grandma Hockom, Future Grandma Lyon, & Future Great Aunt Cindy

  2. Sarah Bauer says:

    I actually LOLed at the “we are either having a boy OR a girl!”

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