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bump day – week 21 | colorado wedding photographer

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Last week, along with finding out that our little lyon is a boy, we got to see him on ultrasound once again. every time we see him, it’s such a rush of excitement. he’s grown so much since we saw him at 12 weeks, and we both agreed he looks like a little boy even before we saw his…uh…”man parts” πŸ˜‰

the 3d/4d ultrasound photos are so incredible. it’s so hard to believe that this is our little boy!!!

he was a little shy, and loves to have his hands covering his face, but we got some good glimpses, and we even saw him yawn!

he’s all about those hands in his face!

and..the growing bump! it’s still small, but it’s starting to become more and more noticeable each day!

how far along? 21 weeks
maternity clothes? i finally caved, and officially invested in some maternity clothes (well, more than just a pair of jeans!) , including some super comfy belly-friendly wedding pants!
stretch marks? nope
sleep? getting bad again. what’s with the psycho pregnancy nightmares?
best moment of the week? having someone ask me if i’m pregnant for the first time.
movement? frequent – mostly at night. our little lyon has some strong legs!
gender?Β it’s a boy!
symptoms: the cold is fading, and i’m feeling pretty great!
milestones: shooting my first wedding while pregnant – and it went just as well as i hoped it would. πŸ˜€
emotions: excited for all the things we can do now that we know it’s a boy, but at the same time, i’m growing more and more indecisive about the nursery decor and the name.
miss anything? beer, haha. the beginnings of summer are just meant for a cold drink on weekends.
food cravings: wetzels pretzels, and fruit snacks
belly button in or out? it’s sooo close to popping. totally strange…
wedding rings on or off? on
looking forward to: seeing our little man!

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  1. Lori Peglow Reichold says:

    So amazing….

  2. Dianna Rucker says:

    cute cute!

  3. Jennifer Lyon says:

    He definitely looks like a boy! Alot like his Dad Nathan!

  4. Alan Lyon says:

    I think he looks like his great uncle Alan…..

  5. Katie Lyon says:

    Thanks Stacy!!!!! Eeee!

  6. Stacy Peglow-Wiseman says:

    Those pictures are AMAZING! We are so happy for you.

  7. Adorabelle Soprano says:


  8. Cathy Marie says:

    soooooooo cute. <3

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