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bump day – week 22 | colorado wedding photographer

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i’m a detail person. and a nerd. i fully admit to both. and when i’m working on a big project – like decorating little lyon’s nursery – i get a tidge bit over-the-top with my planning.

i’ve pinned nurseries i love.
i’ve contemplated color palette after color palette.
i’ve come up with a trillion ideas. ya. a trillion.

and then i went to my whole new level of crazy. i mocked up the nursery in photoshop. oh ya, i went there. i told you i was a nerd.

i know, i know, i know. it’s kind of off. the chair looks like it’s floating, something is definitely up with the top of the dresser, and our “decal” is just random text. but it gave me a feel of what it can be like. i couldn’t fit all the puzzle pieces together in my head until i saw it together. and now that i see it – in the crazy, random, and totally dorky way that i made it – i love it. it’s boy, but not too boy. it’s baby, but not too baby. it’s cozy, but still bright. i love it.

i’m excited (like giddy little school girl excited) for a few things in particular…

the dresser/changing table – my brother is amazingly talented and makes furniture. the pieces he makes are uh-mah-zing. and little lyon gets his first piece of furniture from his uncle right away πŸ™‚

the cradle – my brother learned everything he knows about woodworking from my grandpa, who is making our little man a cradle. talk about an heirloom. i just think it’s so amazing that his cradle will be made – by hand – by his great-grandpa.

the chair/rocker – oh man, it’s comfy. so. so. comfy.

the decal – nate has some amazing ideas up his sleeve for designing a custom decal with his own art. it’s going to be perfect. i know it πŸ™‚

the decorations! – we still have lots of decorations to pick out and filling in the little gaps will be such a fun job!

we’re painting soon, and will be sure to post some updated photos soon!



how far along? 22 weeks
maternity clothes? i got to buy a few more key items this week – thanks to gift cards from my mother-in-law and husband for my birthday!
stretch marks? nope
sleep? the psycho nightmares are starting to decrease, but the comfort thing is still an issue.
best moment of the week? someone stopped me to tell me how great i looked. it was so unexpected, and so sweet, that it totally made my day. well, my week.
movement? he’s still a kicker! especially at night or after i eat.
gender?Β it’s a boy!
symptoms: the only true pregnancy symptom i have right now is feeling huge! and i know this is only the beginning….
milestones: i feel like i finally look pregnant. this belly is getting round.
emotions: i feel so good – like everything is coming together. it’s a pretty awesome feeling.
miss anything? sleeping well.
food cravings: the cravings are under control lately! nothing too crazy!
belly button in or out? still in, but hanging on for dear life.
wedding rings on or off? on
looking forward to: having the nursery come together.

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  1. Jennifer Lyon says:

    The nursery will be beautiful! I love the color for the walls.

  2. Cathy Marie says:

    HA. You come by this honestly, kiddo. I used to figure out how to rearrange the furniture in photoshop. <3

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