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bump day – week 24 | colorado wedding photographer

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My head is filled with a slew of random thoughts this week, so that’s just how the blog is going to go as well πŸ™‚

1. father’s day was last sunday, and i made it nate’s first official father’s day, even though i suppose technically he isn’t a father quite yet. well, unless you count our two hairy daughters (which i think totally count!) i surprised him with a “daddy basket” filled with all sorts of cute sports-related clothes and some rockies pacifiers.

i’m super impatient with surprises, so i gave nate the basket on saturday morning. (i blame my mom for my impatience – she can’t even wait until christmas to give gifts!!). he was totally shocked, and couldn’t get over how cute all the little sports outfits were. it’s going to be pretty amazing watching them together…

how could i resist?

2. 10 weeks ago, little lyon was the size of a lemon. now, he’s the size of a cantaloupe. a cantaloupe. he’s also starting to put on his baby pudge, can hear noises, and even if he were delivered today – the odds would be with him to mature into a healthy baby boy. all that in 10 weeks. it’s bonkers.


3. i’m still on the small side for as far as i am. i see photos of other pregnant ladies at 24 weeks, and i feel like i’m decades behind them. but don’t get me wrong – i’m not complaining. i feel like a stuffed turkey!!
turkey…hmmm…that kinda makes me crave stuffing….

4. the nursery is in the painting stage! the next stage is getting the crib assembled, and putting decor up. and with my patience level shorter than a 2-year-old’s, i’m just itching to start decorating!! pics soon πŸ™‚

how far along? 24 weeks.
maternity clothes? definitely.
stretch marks? nope.
sleep? it’s slowly getting better – i think my body is adjusting a little bit to sleeping on my side.
best moment of the week? giving nate his father’s day basket, and seeing his reaction.
movement? he’s still a kicker, but i’m getting used to it and sometimes find myself not noticing it as much.
gender?Β it’s a boy!
symptoms: the back pain is starting to kick in – full force – thanks in part to an existing back condition i have. thankfully, i have an awesome friend (and past bride!) who is a physical therapist and saving my life!!! jess – you rock πŸ™‚
milestones: construction is done in the nursery! on to paint and the fun decorations!
emotions: still very excited for things to come.
miss anything? a wide selection of pants, haha.
food cravings: anything. i could just eat for days…
belly button in or out? i think it’s time to declare it an outtie…
wedding rings on or off? on
looking forward to: completing the nursery – nate came up with an idea this week that i’m loving!

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  1. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Rick can’t believe that little “Ricky” is the size of a cantelope! (Just joking on the name!)

  2. Alan Lyon says:

    thanks for the update….. can not wait to know the name….. Bill thinks you are going to name the baby after him…. I said no after me….. so far we get naming rights to our dogs.

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