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bump day – week 25 | colorado wedding photographer

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Woah baby is growing fast! In the past two weeks he’s gained 50% body weight and is now the size of a rutabaga…what’s a rutabaga??? See below 🙂

looks appetizing, doesn’t it….haha!

We made great progress on the baby’s room this week. It’s now completely painted and we’re starting to decorate. I don’t want to show too many pics until it’s more complete, but if you look real close in my belly photo you can get a sneak peek! Nate’s parents bought us a beautiful crib that we set up and we put in a cool new light fixture and rug. It’s all starting to come together!  The crib made it feel so real, and made it feel like an actual nursery. We still need to find a comfy rocker, curtains, and some other decorations. I’m working on creating a mobile and Nate’s moving along on his wall art project. I can’t wait for it to be done 🙂

I had another doctor checkup this week, but no ultrasound this time. I did get to hear the little nugget’s heartbeat which is always cool! He got a bit squirmy and started moving all around when we were listening – even the doctor commented that he was quite the active little guy! The doctor said everything is looking great which is very reassuring to hear. The next ultrasound will be at 28 weeks so stay tuned for more pics!

Oh and finally…I’m growing too! There’s no stopping me now 🙂

charli looks awfully proud, doesn’t she?

how far along? 25 weeks.
maternity clothes? yep!
stretch marks? nope.
sleep? it was pretty rough, until the doc gave me some pain killers (baby safe, of course!) to help with my back pain. since i started taking those, it’s much better!
best moment of the week? seeing the crib put together and in the room.
movement? he’s starting to have very active days, and not-so active days, but he’s definitely a mover and a kicker!
symptoms: does roasting in the heat count?! with this 100+ degree weather, i feel like a walking oven.
milestones: wrapping up construction in the nursery! the tool box has officially left the building!
miss anything? nate bought some bud light lime and i am so jealous. 100 degree weather and i can’t have a beer. it’s a tragedy, people. a tragedy.
food cravings: just anything. my stomach is a bottomless pit.
belly button in or out? out.
wedding rings on or off?on
looking forward to: seeing our little lyon again in 3 weeks on the ultrasound.

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  1. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Charli is so cute! She really looks like she knows something is going to happen!

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