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bump day – week 29 | colorado wedding photography

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wedding season has officially claimed my life, and while i wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s taught me a few things:

-relaxing nights at home watching a movie or reading books are not to be taken for granted. they’re rare, and i love them oh so much. they’ll be even more rare when little lyon is here, but when they do happen, it’ll be another member of the family snuggling on the couch – and i can’t wait for that. the simple pleasures in life, and those little relaxing moments together, they’re just priceless.

-time is flying. and not at southwest airlines speed. at nasa speed. i refuse to let stress get to me. a to do list is only that – a list. and it won’t defeat me 🙂 managing wedding season while being majorly pregnant is no easy feat, but it’s also nothing that i’m gonna roll over and play dead for. it’s on!

-people are just so incredibly sweet. from my second shooters who are grabbing me water, to people giving me a confidence boost with a compliment – something about being pregnant brings out the sweetest in people. i could get used to this 😉

i think our little nugget has grown this week – i feel like my belly has gone to a whole ‘nother level. he kicks, and squirms, and rolls around all the time. it’s amazing how big he’s gotten, and how i can tell where he is! it doesn’t seem like too long ago that he was just the size of a lime – now he’s a spaghetti squash! and in case you didn’t realize it, spaghetti squash are large.

charli is learning to be gentle with my belly, and let’s just say…it’s a process. but a pretty sweet process 🙂

how far along? 29 weeks.
maternity clothes? yes!
stretch marks? still nope – knock on wood.
sleep? doing ok, but this non-stop heat isn’t helping anything!
best moment of the week? finishing two key projects for the nursery
movement? i’m getting kneed and elbowed on a constant basis!
symptoms: nothing too bad, besides growing fast!
milestones: hmmmm – no dramatic milstones i can think of for the week, but i’m sure there’s more around the corner!
miss anything? i really miss having a wardrobe! i refuse to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes since they’re so temporary, but my 4 outfits are getting old fast!
food cravings: i’m still big on ice cream and mexican food – but not at the same time 😉
belly button in or out? out. way out.
wedding rings on or off? on!
looking forward to: meeting the little guy 🙂 and picking a name! we were 90% set on a name, but now we’re back at a tie between two names!

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  1. Alan Lyon says:

    We are soooooo excited…..Thanks for the update.

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