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bump day – week 36 | colorado wedding photographer

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this past saturday, i was blown away. absolutely, fall-off-my-chair blown away. the baby shower that my closest friends and family threw for me was beyond anything i could have ever dreamed. really. beyond.

it wasn’t just the decorations, and the food, and the gifts, and the games – although those were all far more fabulous than i would have thought. what was so incredible was sitting in a room, and realizing how much this little lyon meant to those in my life. he’s not just going to be our son. he’s going to be a grandson, a great grandson, a nephew, a great nephew. i’ve been so focused on how our lives are going to change, and what it’s going to be like to be a mom, that i lose sight of what he’s going to mean to others. having everyone in one room together and seeing how much he means to everyone was just breathtaking.

my three best friends and sister coordinated the whole shindig (with help from the moms, of course!). they did such a crazy incredible job – and i seriously cannot thank them all enough! and naturally, they decided on lions as the theme. i mean, what else could it be? πŸ˜‰

have you ever seen such a cute balloon? and the lion pillow – my adorable friend jenny made that. yep, the girl’s got talent.

she also made the thank you cards, and my sister-from-another-mister, amy, made the invitations. go ahead – be jealous of their skills πŸ˜‰

i can’t believe i’m admitting this, but i forgot my camera at the shower. yup. i, the professional photographer, forgot my camera. i need to go to photographer rehab. asap. i’m glad i can blame pregnancy brain….

thankfully…my friends and family had my back and snapped some cute candids from the actual shower – including my crazy adorable diaper cake (ash – you are theΒ best!) and my lion basket (handmade by jenny). you can’t see it in the picture, but the diaper cake is held together by bottles in the middle…filled with all my favorite candies.Β  i’ve been in a slight sugar coma all week…mmmmm…

my sister snuck a shirt on my nephew, boedi, when we got to the shower that said “nugget’s cousin”. so cute, i swear i almost died. boedi looks proud to be a big cousin already πŸ™‚

guess little lyon’s birthday – all i have to say is he better not be as late as some people guessed!!

little lyon was shown lots of love with lion-inspired gifts. i think his stuffed lion collection’s doing pretty well πŸ™‚

my g-ma found these little lion booties and lion blanket and sent them as a gift. the booties are soooo tiny. and the lion hat – ahh! i’m melting…it’s too cute.

you may remember a few weeks ago, when i posted how much i looooved this onesie i found on pinterest. jenny made it for our little man! before she even knew how much i loved it! just goes to show how wonderful my friends are πŸ™‚

by the end of the shower, i felt totally spoiled. we not only had lion-inspired gifts, but we had received so many of our “baby necessity” items that will make our lives much easier once the little man is here. i can’t even say how thankful we are to everyone who gave us gifts and joined us for the special day! i wish i could say thank you a thousand times to everyone that helped with the shower and came to share in the celebration of the little lyon! thank you, thank you – a zillion times over πŸ™‚


how far along? 36 weeks.
maternity clothes? yep, and i’m starting to outgrow them… i didn’t think was possible.
sleep? it’s hit or miss, but the past few nights have been great! i think my body finally just gave in and decided to let me sleep.
best moment of the week? definitely my baby shower.
movement? yup! although not as much, since he’s getting more tightly packed in there every day!
symptoms: nothing too crazy, just the whole “being massive thing,” hehe πŸ˜‰
milestones: this week, i start going to the doctor weekly for the final stretch. i remember when i first visited with the doc and she mentioned “eventually coming every week.” well, “eventually” has officially started!
miss anything? being able to move like a normal human! my belly is actually starting to get in the way!
food cravings: mexican – but that’s not shocking, right?
belly button in or out? out, and the scar i have from a belly button piercing back in the day is looking not-so-happy.
wedding rings on or off? still on. how my fingers haven’t swollen yet is beyond me, but i’m not complaining!
looking forward to: meeting the little man. now that we have all the necessities, and everything is set to go, i just want to meet him πŸ™‚ (and next week – the final post on the nursery! it’s all coming together!)

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  1. Pam Vanderheyden Miller says:

    I looked at the blog – so cute! Things are moving right along for baby Lyon.

  2. Jennifer Lyon says:

    The shower was so fun! So glad you enjoyed it, Katie!

  3. Holly Bea-Weaver says:

    adorable. great to see the info–so happy for you!

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