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After being a Colorado wedding photographer for more than a decade, there are certain things that I have come to believe without any shadow of a doubt. These things resonate with me as I photography couples and families, and as I go through my own life with my husband and two kids. I’m reminded of […]

“When you find the one, you’ll know.” It’s true. With the right one, it just feels like something has fallen into place. It just…fits. Sara and Jonathan both just knew. They knew they were right for each other. They knew their lives crossed paths for a reason, and they knew that they would someday say […]

“Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet  I never knew you were the someone waiting for me…” Every time I hear Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, I picture Nina and Adam during their first dance. Adam looked at his bride with this gaze that was full of enchantment and joy. Nina looked back at him and […]

There are so many reasons why I love weddings. The dreamy gowns. The fantastic venues. The music and dancing late into the night. But more than anything, I love how weddings make you stop. It’s like life comes to a pause, and you realize how powerful love is. Within the chaos of the busy days and […]

Joy and Josh believe that at the heart of everything, there is community. They have both spent years pouring their souls into the communities around them. Volunteering. Educating. Serving. And while they have selflessly helped countless others, they have in turn built their own community. The depth of those that love Joy and Josh is simply […]

Bride and groom at Lionsgate in Colorado

Life is full of stories. The best stories and the stories that you wish never had to happen. It’s always a surprise. As I sit here today and think about the past 5 years, so much has happened that I couldn’t have even dreamt. And that’s how life goes, isn’t it? The surprises, the twists, […]

Golden hour portraits

In my mind, the key to marriage is simple. Above all else, be best friends. I know, I know. I’m 30. I’ve been married for a whopping five years. What do I know about marriage advice? But hear me out here… Think about any couple you know that’s been happily married for 5, 10, 25, […]

Colorado mountain wedding reception

Sometimes in life, you find a person that you can talk to without saying a single word. You know what they’re thinking, what they’re about to say. You just know. And when you find them, it just clicks and you know the dream you’ve been dreaming, it’s finally come true. Mandi and Luke are just […]

Bride twirling in villa parker wedding

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