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Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

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I have a confession to make.

i’m addicted.

fully, totally, undeniably addicted. as if my 1,865 pins didn’t give that away. yep, i have pinterest fever. or as nate would say, i’m a pinhead.

waiting in line at the store? pin! commercial break? pin! can’t sleep? pin! you get the point.

sure, there are lots of fun things on pinterest. how to turn a shower rod into an under-the-sink organizer, hilarious photos of dogs, not to mention anything and everything diy. but what i luuuurve about pinterest is the amazing ability to share ideas – particularly (you guessed it) wedding ideas!

so, in true fashion of my wedding day here on my blog, i give you my 5 tips to using pinterest to plan your wedding!

1. fill those boards, baby!

when i see one of my brides fill their pinterest boards with their inspiration for their wedding, it’s like giving me an inside view into their dream day, which is just sooo great! now, before the day is even here, i know what they love, i know what inspires them, and i know exactly what their dream day looks like. i always love getting to know my couples and what their wedding is going to be like before the day arrives, but pinterest is like taking that to a whole new level! so, make sure you are connected with your wedding photographer on pinterest! maybe even let them contribute to your board!

2. Let your maids help!

besides your almost-hubs, no one knows you better than your bridesmaids. make a collaborative board so when they see ideas they love and that inspire them, they can share them with you. you’ll be amazed at the ideas they come up with, and they’ll love feeling like they’re even more of a part of the big day!

3. be realistic!

i’ve pinned 20 things to my “someday i will sew” board. how many of those projects have i even attempted? zero. zilch. total goose egg. but it’s inspiring still. most of the wedding ideas on pinterest are from someone else’s wedding! a different day with different circumstances, different weather, different lighting, different…well…everything. take it, and put your twist on it. make it you! the best inspirations are just that – inspirations. but a true creative person takes the idea to a new level and makes it their own! and hey, when the ideas are all yours, you’re bound to love them a gazillion times more. promise.

4. pin original content!

when i was planning my wedding, i had a wedding binder. it was my life. that binder held every idea i had ripped out of a magazine and every idea i had scratched down on a napkin. now, you can do that all on pinterest. (seriously, where was this a year ago?) don’t forget to venture outside of the walls of pinterest and pin ideas you’ve found elsewhere – this way you’ll have all your ideas and inspirations in one spot (and your “wedding binder” will be a heck of a lot less heavy than mine was).


5. go crazy!

obvious, right? well, not always. weddings are stressful! so go crazy, have fun, and pin until your heart’s content! even if you don’t end up using all of your ideas, they may spark new ideas you haven’t thought of before! and really, is there ever such thing as too much inspiration?


ooooh, and bonus tip #6 – follow me on pinterest! because really, i pin all the time, and my wedding board is getting bigger by the day.


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